Telecommunication Towers

The TASC Group network has consulted on over 3500 telecommunication sites across a variety of regions, each with their own specific state legislation and local planning needs.

TASC Group provides civil engineering recommendations such as site clearing, site layout, access during construction, appropriate foundation needs, structural design of new components and assessment of existing infrastructure & buildings, security fencing and landscaping.

Our clients include:

  • Telstra
  • Visionstream
  • John Holland
  • Abi Group
  • Big Air
  • Kordia
  • Victoria Police
  • Meridian Communications
  • CPS Global

What are telecommunication towers?

Telecommunication towers are mainly constructed of concrete or steel poles (or monopoles) from 15m – 35m (49ft – 115ft); steel lattice towers & guyed masts from 20m – 100m (65ft – 328ft) high.

Where high poles and towers are inappropriate for particular areas and the coverage can be achieved at lower levels, the monopole may be constructed to imitate a palm or gum tree. This is a rare occurrence as the majority of sites a chosen in non-sensitive or industrial areas.

In metropolitan or inner city areas where it may not be aesthetically appropriate to construct monopoles or lattice towers, antennas are placed on commercial or community buildings. In these cases antennas are either colour matched or concealed to minimize the visual impact of the antennas.